INTERNET OF HOSPITALITY - How are IoT technologies reinventing the hospitality industry?

Subject: Technology and Innovation Management

Professor: Kiron Ravindran

Date: 04/2019

If you are interested, you can download the pdf here.

Task: Creating a blog about emerging technologies

In the everchanging digital landscape, we believe that the hospitality industry has untapped potential for growth and improvement, especially due to  the opportunities the Internet of Things brings to all the kinds of businesses and industries.

Therefore, we've created a blog where we were writing about new trends and emerging technologies. Creating content was one essential part of the assignment, the second one was to create awareness and create as much traffic as possible to the articles. Therefore, we have created multiple social media accounts on platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Weibo to attract more readers and to promote our site. For analyzing all the traffic and gaining better insights in what the readers want, we implemented software to understand which strategy was the best approach.

One of the big problems influencers on Instagram have is that they are usually refering with their latest post to a website using the #linkinbio. Instagram only allows putting one link which means that you are not able to tell if the reader is coming to your site because of the latest post or a previous one. We solved this problem by implementing Linktree, which is a free tool for optimising your instagram traffic by allowing you to use more link referrals (example). Additionally, a bitly account was created to better understand the reader's customer journey.

Google Analytics was tracking the readers directly  from . Generating organic traffic was not easy which is why we have also experimented with paid ads via Facebook and Weibo. We wanted due to our diversity (nationalities from Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Ecuador and China) expand our reach by posting on local platforms. Weibo was the most interesting to compare. Offering its services just in mandarin, we needed to translate our blogpost and publish it directly on Weibo. It was necessary to use paid advertisements to create awareness which then resulted in high numbers of clicks. People could use the link to read the original post to improve their english.

It was a very interesting project to gain a better understanding of the importance of gathering data and how specific keywords can  help you with your site rankings (SEO). Just gathering data is not enough, it is essential to fully understand where your customers come from (countries, but also from which platforms,channels...) to increase traffic at a low cost.