FINANCIAL MARKETS - Building a Portfolio 

Subject: Financial Markets

Professor: Dario Cestau

Date: 04/2019


The aim of this exercise was to outperform the benchmark stock index (MSCI ACWI) between March 29, 2019 and April 29, 2019 (1 month).

The maximal number of public companies we were allowed to invest in was limited to 30, but investing in mutual funds, ETF's and similar public investment funds were possible. We were granted 1.000.000 Dollar to invest, but once submitted, no changes or buyouts were allowed.

Due to this restrictions a thorough market and industry analysis was crucial, as well as a comparison of risk analysis vs. expected returns of previous years. Additionally, it was necessary to establish the level of risk we were willing to take for building a winning portfolio. 

If you are interested in the industry/market analysis we conducted, you can download it here:

Portfolio_Research (Excel File)

Final Result (29/04/2019):

The portfolio was able to outperform the benchmark stock index (+3,33%) by 0,6% and generating a profit of around 40.000 Dollar (+3,94%) in 1 month.

If you are interested in the current performance of that portfolio, you can view it here!