to my personal website, where I am displaying some of my previous projects of the last couple of years. My name is Hubert and I am currently doing my Masters in Management, specializing in Digital Business in Madrid, Spain. Before that I have done my Bachelors in Architecture at the University of Technology in Vienna, Austria, where I was also born and raised. Throughout my whole life I was always eager to try new things, especially in technological areas. Those challenges led to advanced technical drawings (3D,...), building models (with heights of more than 50cm) and many many more projects. The most recent project I'm struggling with is learning how to code (python) and how ML (machine learning) works.

I am aware, that parts of this website are in different languages, but this is due to studies in different locations. I hope to catch up soon and be able to offer my website in multiple languages.

Until then enjoy the projects! Feel free to ask me anything, and let me know if you would like to get more detailed informations about any project!  


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Master in Management | Digital Business


 @ IE Business School, Madrid, Spain

 @ University of Technology, Vienna, Austria